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How we started




My name is Matthew,owner and founder of The Ballooning Company. I have had the privalage of owning The Ballooning Company and building The Super Twist Team since May of 2011. With over 8 1/2 years experiance our team has come from a hand pump, few 100 balloons, a dream, and three team members to a team of 12 and operating on a full time basis since June of 2014!  


My career in the ballooning industry all started when I was 11 years old working along side a local artist named Mrs. Twist. The amazing mentor that she is trainned me and helped me found The Ballooning Company in 2011. By helping me along I have established many great connections and have grown into a team of 12 people including balloon twisters, decorators, bow makers, face painters, magicians, and bouncy castle specialists. 


Over the course of 2015 we are excited to be servicing events accross Ontario in small and large communities. Please keep coming back as the journey goes on and we expand our reproire to meet your special event needs! 


The team and I look forward to ensuring your next event is a fun-fileld memory! 


Thank you and kind regards, 


Matthew Hutchinson, CBA (Certified Balloon Artist),

AKA Super Twist 

The Super Twist Team 

The Ballooning Company


come meet our team! 

With over 8 years experiance, Matthew AKA Super Twist is fully equiped to help you with your entertainment and Decor Needs! Becoming one of the youngest known Certified Balloon Artists in Canada, Matthew has spent many years perfecting his balloon arches, columns, balloon bouquets and much more! 


- Matthew AKA Super Twist (Owner and Lead Balloon Artist)

Ashleigh AKA Sister Twist has happiliy assisted Super Twist with many large events and loves to twist balloons, build balloon decor and work with ribbon. Over the last 6 years her skills and love for balloons has made her a great team player and loved by the entire team at The Ballooning Company! 


-Ashleigh AKA Sister Twist

With 15 years experiance in customer service and office assistance. Stephanie is here to help you with booking lage corporate events, large scale parties and celebrations! She has been a great addition to the team and has also been twisting balloons at our events for 5 years! With her love of balloons and skills learned she is happy to twist balloons along side Super Twist for any of your events! 


- Stephanie (AKA Momma Twist) 

Murray AKA Poppa Twist is our technical specialist for websites, media, set-up and tear down at large scale events. The balloon twisting skills are in the name! No balloons around Poppa Twist however he loves the hands on technical stuff and has been a great help with all technical support to keep The Super Twist Team on the road! 


- Murray (AKA Poppa Twist) 

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