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Balloon Decor 

With over 6 years of balloon decorating experiance. Matthew was the youngest Certified Balloon Artist in Canada for the year 2011! Our team is equiped with industry leading technologies and ever expanding products lines we are able to ensure your event decor needs are met! 


Whether you are planning a: 


  • Large Family Gathering 

  • Wedding

  • Banquets

  • Car Showroom Sales Events 

  • Corporate Meeting 

  • Anniversary 

  • Milestone Birthday 


We are here to assist you with your decor needs and suggest the best decor products to fit within your theme, occasion and budget. 

Balloon Gifts

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The importance of hiring a balloon decorating professional! 

There are many things to consider when planning on building balloon decor for any occasion! That’s where we look into this information for you when planning the decorating for your event site: 


1. Fire codes - 

One of the most overlooked details for many balloon decorating plan and is very important for any balloon decorating function. We will look into the fire codes and ensure that these codes are abided by and are approved by the person in charge of the venue where the event is being held.   

2. Space-

Balloons are a great and cost effective way of filling large empty spaces! We have a variety of arches, columns, swags and helium balloon arrangements to choose from. Our team will calculate the best number of balloons to be used to make sure your balloon decor fits within the space provided and ensure it doesn’t overpower the space either. 

3. Time! 

The fact is balloon decor set-ups take time to create and assemble. With experience we are able to calculate the amount of time required for assembly and ensuring we will have the balloon decor ready and on time for your event. Leaving you with ease of mind and saving you the large amount of work required for blowing up all the balloons, ensuring all balloons are the same size, patterns are correct, and knowing how to make your balloon decor sturdy.


Hiring a professional is certainly the way to go!


Contact us with your next event and we can start custom building balloon decor options that meet your space, theme and budget needs. 



For more great balloon ideas, go to

"Balloon Ideas" At! 

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